Proizd team performs all types of underwater works related to the coast, ports and marinas. We possess the equipment such as balloons, for pulling out and towing sunken objects and ships, tools for mending wooden and iron ships, equipment and tools for building waterfronts and bridges, permit for underwater blasting, equipment for sludge suction with water and air mammoth pumps, equipment for underwater drilling holes in the rocky ground, etc. In addition, we have professional inspection cameras with video recording and direct image transfer to an external monitor. We also offer services for the manufacture and installation of anchor systems, as well as pontoons for which we have obtained a certificate from the Croatian Register of Shipping. We have an approval from the Croatian Registry (HRB) for underwater ship inspection, primarily in the Split-Dalmatia and Dubrovnik-Neretva counties. For all information and inquiries, contact us by e-mail or make a phone call on the number posted on our website.


  • • underwater works on the construction of the Maritime and Passenger Terminal Vela Luka with the company Viadukt d.o.o.
  • • construction of the port in Šibenik in cooperation with the company Sagena d.o.o.
  • • subcontractors of underwater works on the construction of the Slano marina with the company Hidro inženjering Rijeka d.o.o.
  • • underwater works on the construction of part of the marina in Vela Luka in cooperation with the construction trade Čerin
  • • assistance in towing ships in the shipyards Greben (Vela Luka), Radež (Blato), Leda (Korčula)
  • • construction of a slipway for pulling out ships Greben (Vela Luka)
  • • towing of of sunken ships: trawler "Baretica" and mini cruiser "Macau"
  • • Clogging of the cracked Panamanian cargo ship "Rock 1"